Welcome, lets begin this journey together.

Hello World,

It’s been a beautiful weekend here in Northern Virginia.

To start, I want to ask that every one reading, to please provide me which as much feedback as possible.  As I enter the world of blogging, I would love to find like-minded people who are readers or bloggers themselves.

I know by sharing thoughts and ideas we can all grow, and intern enrich each others lives.

My first thought is on the subject of Goals.

Achieving one’s goals can sometimes be the greatest challenge to us. If you have ever wanted to do something, something great, something awesome, something memorable, something that will create your legacy, make the money you want to make, obtain the position you want have, meet the person you want to copilot the  adventure of life with, anything it may be, I’m here to tell you, you can! but it will not be easy, and sometimes you will not enjoy it…

Not to worry! you are not alone in this journey, and together we will make it to that place, you know the one you occasionally glimpse when we close our eyes and let the mind wonder. Yes, that place!

My primary goals today are as follows, travel the world, meet my wife, and finish writing my movie&book trilogy. We can probably agree that none of these are easy tasks!  And all at high cost, especially the wife part! just kidding ladies 🙂 not really men 😉 )

Any goal worth achieving is going to cost you a few things : time (lots of time),money, sweat, and even tears. However, any goal worth achieving will also bring you indescribably joy.

The main problem we face today  with our goals, is the lack there of.

In the audio book “Goals” Zig Ziglar said something that stood out to me, it went something like this.

“It is really difficult to hit a target you can’t see, and impossible to hit one that doesn’t exist!”

As I close my eyes, and think of myself at the shooting range with a rifle in my hand, it begins to sink in.

Over the next few weeks let’s explore this together, let’s decide on the importance of goals, learn how to create signficant and realistic ones, learn how to overcome adversity on our path to reach them, and together lets take one step closer to where we want to be.

Until next time friends, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, and have an awesome Monday!

Andre Taylor

~Born for Greatness, Live to become Legendary!~


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