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Today’s quote “You do not believe what you see, you see what you believe. Your outer reality is just a reflection of your inner believes. Thus is your believe of your potential for failure or success.


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Bam! Life Happened!

Ok so you have been single for while (couples use your imagination here for me lol) you finally met someone who just perfectly aligns with you. You chatted a little and decided to go out for the first time for dinner. It’s Saturday your date is set for 8PM and you got a few hours to burn in between. So you get the hair cut/done you get your cloths all prepped and ready, you pull up the place in your gps so you know it only takes 20 minutes to get there. The awesome date mentioned that they been stood up before and it’s one of the things they hate the most, so to be mindful you plan to get there a minute or two early. Ok the times has arrived, you get dressed, put on your cloths, triple check yourself in the mirror and begin to drive. You get on the highway, traffic is flowing smoothly, and then Bam! it happens.

As you go around a bend, brake lights eclipse the highway. As far as the eye can see, cars are at a complete stop, and even a few people are outside of their cars. As you slam your brakes barely stopping in time, you quickly look in the rear view to make sure you don’t get rare ended. As they stop just in time, you once again look down the line of cars. “No no no no no…” You say to yourself. Quicky grabbing your phone you go to call history and dial their name. You put the phone to your ears only to hear a beeping tone. “The heck”you glance back down at the screen, no signal. “Got to be kidding me!” You glance at the cars next to you, quickly putting down your window, you signal them to do the same and then yell “excuse me, do you have any signal?” You wave your phone around to signal what you meant. The driver next to you grabs their phone from their pocket and nods their head signaling no. “Really!” You think to yourself, “A dead zone still existing in 2013! And I happen to be in the center of it! No ones going to believe this..” As you sit there, time and the perfect relationship you carved out in your mind just begins to slowly drift away. You then begin to think to yourself “Maybe it wasn’t meant to be, this has to be a sign!” When traffic finally gives up you slowly drive by the meeting place, shamelessly hoping the person already left, and they have.

We can all agree that life throw curve balls at us, heck even a few bricks. Just when everything seems to be getting back on track, another thing comes crashing into our lives. Anything from bills, car trouble, layoffs, family, friends, you name it, it can happen, and at the worst possible time.

The phrase “Life is defined not by what happens to you, but how you react to it!” Comes to mind. There is going to be allot of things that takes us off course of archiving our goals, and the crazy part is most of the time we aren’t even aware of it! Flying through life on autopilot, we at times just unconsciously react to most circumstances and events, and most of the time the habitual response isn’t aligned with our goals.

With all that said, here are a few things I’ve picked up over the years to help stay on course.

1.Pain is temporary

No matter how crazy the situation, 98% of the time it is temporary. I live a pretty stress free lifestyle, and here is why: I control the things I can, and the things that are out of my control, I don’t put energy in to. I acknowledge that it’s there, or that it has happened, and then I push forward. It’s no use dwelling on the rain, or the lack of sunlight. Most of the time uncontrollable things only last for a while anyway.

2.Take Control!

Regardless of where you are now or were you came from, you have the ability to decide where you want to be a minute from now, an hour, tomorrow, next week and so on. Disengage auto pilot and grab the control stick! This spaceship of life will go anywhere you direct it.

3. Ride the waves and not the currents!

This idea came to me while driving to work, there are so many “moments of opportunities” on the road that for most people the drive alone to work can define their day.

Moments of opportunities: The moment in which you have the opportunity to react positively to an event, in which you would normally react negatively towards.

Yeah those moments! people cutting you off, slow person in the fast lane, yep all of those. Negative interactions can be like a current, quickly sweeping you to immanent doom. Recognize this reaction, and break away from that current.

On to riding the waves, if you have ever seen a surfer attacking those giant waves, elegantly cutting through its monstrous curves, you will probably observe something. He or she is on top of the world within that moment! The heightened senses and chemicals running through the bloodstream creates a natural high, and surfers will work at it night and day in preparation, just to be able to ride that wave as long as they possibly can.

Be a life surfer! when you are having a beautiful day, or that awesome interaction, you ride that wave until it’s humanly possible not to. Keep the smile going, think back to it a few hours later, and smile again! You wont always remember what was said or done, but you will remember how you feel. Carry that joy with you, share it, take a picture, record a video, and ride that wave!

4. Don’t take it personal.

Most of the time people have positive intentions, and most of the time, your perception of what they say or do when it comes to sharing criticism towards you, will not be as positive. It’s not entirely their fault. It’s actually a developed skill to be able to give both impactful and positive advice or criticism and not many people master this. When ever someone provide feedback, listen to them, assume positive intent and Chose (keyword) what you accept and adopt. Don’t just autopilot into an emotional response or judgement.

Same thing when crazy things happens to you, don’t take it personal, acknowledge, learn what lessons you can and then keep it moving.

5. Lead, don’t follow.

Going back to the driving analogy, when you have the open road in front of you, you then control the speed at which drive at, however if you are behind someone, then you can only go as fast as the car in front of you. If you drive like I do, then you might also be obsessed with the open road. Pace cars, as I call them will only slow you down. There are small occasions in which you drive behind someone who is going at just the right speeds, breaks at the right moments and just seem one with the road, in these cases I don’t mind following, in these same rare occasions you will find mentors in life who is heading in the direction in which you are wishing to travel. Learn as much as you can from these people, and when the open road presents itself, feel free to press that gas pedal.

6. Perception is reality

You have probably heard this phrased tossed around countless times, what does it mean to you?

Let’s take a step back and think about an abstract painting, so you see this painting, and to you it looks like a boy throwing a ball. Every time you see that painting your think “O there is that painting of the boy throwing the ball” then one day someone overhears you thinking out loud and they say “mmm I can see why you think that, but it’s actually an old man looking up at the moon. I know the painter and even though he gets allot of different opinions on what it is, he assures me It’s an old man looking up at the moon.” “o wow” you say to yourself as the picture in front of you transforms from a boy throwing a ball to an old man looking up at the moon. “I see it now!”

Life works the exact same way, the way we view people or events, makes them real, from our specific perception. Regardless of what or who they are, the way they exist in our reality is the way we perceive them. And unless your perception is altered by introducing a new idea or more observation, it will remain as such in our experience.

With all this said, I challenge you all to take a step back and look at the painting of life from a different perspective, I challenge you to learn the lessons that might be within our “moments of opportunity” and I challenge you to have more “moments of opportunity” in contrast to annoying or painful ones. I also challenge you to more often challenge yourself. You will soon realize that as you learn and grow, you will intern become a more amazing version of you!

Till next time friends.

Andre Taylor

~Born for Greatness! Live to become Legendary!~


Breaking down barriers and understanding your true potential!

Hello again friends!

last week we began our journey together exploring the topic of Goals. We can all agree that having something to aim at gives us much more of a chance to hit it, than just shooting randomly.

What happens though if it’s a target that’s never been hit from the range or angle, at which you are attempting to hit it from? Naturally you begin to doubt yourself.. For most people this doubt alone is enough to deter them from even attempting. And for the ones that do, it’s creates tremendous pressure and allot of physiological barriers in the process.

Unfortunately society does this to us all the time. It comes from all angles, family, friends, co workers, media, etc. Everything we are exposed to can have an effect on the way we think and act. And in today’s world 70-80% of the content and feedback we view and receive are of people telling us NO!

“NO” you can’t do this, or that, you can’t have this, you can’t be that person, you can’t afford this, you can’t take that vacation, or visit that place, you can’t, you can’t, blah blah blah…

Does any of that sound familiar? Of course it does! But think of the people who decided they weren’t taking NO for an answer. These people are the stuff of legends, and their names are immortalized (at least most of them). The Wrights brothers and the airplane, Edison and the light bulb, and many more. These people were not only told NO, they were ridiculed and deemed insane by everyone around them. Once they decided they weren’t going to listen, they were able to push the limits of their potential into new realms and accomplished things people couldn’t even conceive until they saw it for themselves.

What’s the difference between these people and ourselves? Answer is not much really, yes some of them are naturally gifted, however it was their decisions and the way they perceived the world and their own potential, that really defines them.

The good news is, it’s never too late to begin to change the way we think, break free from the conditioning we have been exposed to, and become the person we might not even be able to conceive as yet. The process is going to break us down sometimes, however the person that will be rebuilt, will be stronger, faster, smarter, and more defined. people will look up to you and want to be around you as much as possible.

So the question is how do I do this? How do I break the barriers? It’s going to be a different process for each of us, however we will explore and grow together.

As my time to write this morning runs out, I leave you with this thought.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.”

More to come on this topic, until next time friends, have an awesome week!

Andre Taylor
~Born for Greatness! Live to become Legendary!~


Welcome, lets begin this journey together.

Hello World,

It’s been a beautiful weekend here in Northern Virginia.

To start, I want to ask that every one reading, to please provide me which as much feedback as possible.  As I enter the world of blogging, I would love to find like-minded people who are readers or bloggers themselves.

I know by sharing thoughts and ideas we can all grow, and intern enrich each others lives.

My first thought is on the subject of Goals.

Achieving one’s goals can sometimes be the greatest challenge to us. If you have ever wanted to do something, something great, something awesome, something memorable, something that will create your legacy, make the money you want to make, obtain the position you want have, meet the person you want to copilot the  adventure of life with, anything it may be, I’m here to tell you, you can! but it will not be easy, and sometimes you will not enjoy it…

Not to worry! you are not alone in this journey, and together we will make it to that place, you know the one you occasionally glimpse when we close our eyes and let the mind wonder. Yes, that place!

My primary goals today are as follows, travel the world, meet my wife, and finish writing my movie&book trilogy. We can probably agree that none of these are easy tasks!  And all at high cost, especially the wife part! just kidding ladies 🙂 not really men 😉 )

Any goal worth achieving is going to cost you a few things : time (lots of time),money, sweat, and even tears. However, any goal worth achieving will also bring you indescribably joy.

The main problem we face today  with our goals, is the lack there of.

In the audio book “Goals” Zig Ziglar said something that stood out to me, it went something like this.

“It is really difficult to hit a target you can’t see, and impossible to hit one that doesn’t exist!”

As I close my eyes, and think of myself at the shooting range with a rifle in my hand, it begins to sink in.

Over the next few weeks let’s explore this together, let’s decide on the importance of goals, learn how to create signficant and realistic ones, learn how to overcome adversity on our path to reach them, and together lets take one step closer to where we want to be.

Until next time friends, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, and have an awesome Monday!

Andre Taylor

~Born for Greatness, Live to become Legendary!~