Spread the Light!

Spread the light!

Spread the light isn’t just a campaign, it’s a movement. We have chosen to be here at this time to help humanity create the New Earth. In order to do so, all facets of life needs to be transformed. Education, healthcare, agriculture(food), transportation, community, and entertainment. We aim to impact all areas of life by actively engaging with individuals and companies that have humanities best interest in mind. We help them to grow and engage their audience so they too can become and active part of speading the light. And in areas that are struggling we aim to engage and collabarate with the creative minds of the locals and help them create self sustaining communities so they too can spread the light. 

This program is just begining, but we foresee many and great things that we will accomplish together with our global family! 

Are you a business or individual with ideals to help humanity push towards New Earth? If so please connect with us and share your story. We would love to be a resource in anyway we can to help you grow and become an active participant in spreading the light!