Goals:Breaking the barriers

A parent’s greatest gift.

Love… The greatest emotion, the most powerful stimulant on the planet. Wars have been fought for it. Nations have fell because of it. It is portrayed in every great movie. It is what drives the hero against all odds.

But where does it fit within the hierarchy of our family?

Too often parents focus on being providers of materialistic things, and deprivers of what truly matters to us.

We live in an age of deteriorating human interaction. We aim to connect the planet through technology, but within the midst of it all, we forget the human touch…

When is the last time you hugged your mother/father, genuinely told them you love them. When is the last time you sat down with your kids or siblings, and ask them how things are going?

We have become a selfish species. Too often do I see parents worrying about their own happiness and freedom. They neglect the impact they have on the environment of their children.

It seems like forever ago since I’ve last sat down with family and tell stories, play games, share meals… I’m no exception, I too am guilty of being the distant son, the selfish, lone wolf brother. I have drifted hundreds of miles away from the people I call family, with little to no intension to return to the place I should be calling “home”.

I sit back and wonder, where are the examples of true love in the real wold. We see false glimmers of it in the movies, but around us, we see miserable couples, treating their children as if they are responsible for ruining their lives. As if the children are anchors, keeping them from reaching their dreams..

I vow to myself that I will do everything in my power to ensure my future children, regardless of what possessions they have, will know one thing for sure. They are loved. They are cherished, they are a blessing, and they are the future.

Here are a few points I feel are important.

1. Telling them isn’t enough.

Saying the worlds “I love you” isn’t enough. Kids are simply too smart to take anything you say at face value. You must show them you care. For a young kid, love = time. Quality, attentive time. The more time you carve out, and do the things that make that little one smile. The more love they feel.

As they grow, love = support. Children have the biggest dreams and imagination. With that, they will undoubtably have some ridiculous ideas of things they want to do, or who they aspire to become. The biggest mistake for a parent is to force their paradigm onto their children. Everyone must find their own path, all we want is to be encouraged and supported along that path. If it isn’t the right one for us, we will eventually figure it out. Yes you can educate your children to make the best decisions, and yes you can share insight on what may or may not happen. The second you say “do this because I say so, and I know best” is the second you lose their confidence. Truth is, you don’t know best. Time rapidly changes around us, your believes and knowledge is out dated. Their is a reason the sharing of knowledge shifts from the parents teaching the children, to children teaching the parents. We can’t always comprehend the world as they see it, but thats ok, we don’t have to. We just need to be there for them when they fall, and help them back to their feet. Embrace them with love, give them encouragement, and support their next attempt.

1 world of encouragement can move worlds. 1 act of kindness can define someones world. Be that source of love and encouragement for your children!
2.Get your priorities straight!
Your children don’t owe you for the 9 months, or the 18 years. They don’t have to work their entire lives trying to repay you for raising them. They aren’t the reason you can’t go out anymore, they aren’t the reason you can’t do the things you want to do, or be with the people you wan’t to be with.

This is an absurd way of thinking… There are plenty of parents out there having a marvelous time raising their kids, and growing their family.

There is a shift in mindset, when we go from seeing a child as an anchor, to seeing them as the sail that keeps us moving.

They are the unconditional source of love, and they are the loyal soldier that will follow mommy or daddy through any battle the world throws at us.

The fact that you have someone looking up to you, means you must thrive to be the best example you can be.

You aren’t just doing it for your own sake, or even for the sole sake of your children, no.. You are impacting the generation to come.

Who knows if your child will become a future president, or the future CEO of the worlds most admired brand.

There is no limit to what anyone can become. How would you like to be the one to have empowered that person to reach for the stars?

They don’t ask for much, love, attention, support, and a decent lifestyle. We don’t don’t have to give them the latest gear or gadgets. That doesn’t fulfill the deeper human need. No, we need provide love.
3.Break the trend.
There are too many broken homes, and single families. I know not every relationship will last forever, but let’s make smart choices. Do not sacrifice what you want the most, for what you want now.

Many times we go chasing temporary desires, and end up in a permanent situations, with someone we do not care for. This impacts the lifestyle of our offsprings. They are raised between two bears clawing at each other’s throats.

Let’s break this trend.. If you are in a wholesome family now, great job! keep working hard every day to do the things that makes everyone in the family happy. If you are in a single family situation, we understand, don’t forget the above things. Do your best to treat that little genius with respect, and show them love.

And my single people, do your best to stay clear of unwelcoming scenarios, and find a mate with the same core values in which you believe in.
If you reading this, you will have a bigger impact on the world than you can ever imagine. Be the beacon of light for our next generation. Be the shinning core of love for your children. Focus on the things that will make you happy, do activities as a family that will bring joy. Take those family vacations, and create priceless memories. Be the example of what a “loved one” should look like. Show them the qualities that make a great husband/wife.

In this world of “social” media, and mental pollution, we have to thrive to go back to basic human interactions. We have to thrive to keep love alive. We have to focus on the things that brings value to our reality, and align ourselves to be the best parents we can be. We have to empower our children to keep the human aspect alive, in the “Human” race.

Until next time friends!
Andre |<4D>| Taylor
~Born for Greatness, Live to Become Legendary!~