Goals:Breaking the barriers

You blink.. And it’s too late…

Y2k….. PS2..Wikipedia… 9/11….iPod….. Facebook…..First black president… Smartphones…Tablets…  The list goes on..

It’s been a lifetime worth of changes.. all within a few moments. Some people theorize that time isn’t chronological…… That it’s happening all at once, and our perception puts it in order…

Who am I to argue? And since I’m not one of the Time lords from Dr. Who, I can only see it like I see it.

One thing I will agree on, it’s all happening pretty damn fast! A few breaths ago it was Christmas 2013, and a blink ago it was new years 2014.. and now we are almost half way through February!

Some of us can look back, stand proud, look at our experiences and all the things accomplished, and say.. “It is good! It is worthy of my legacy!” some of us can’t….

Caught between the day to day of making money, paying bills, seeking human touch, and keeping ourselves entertained or sane, we lose ourselves in the void. And when we find ourselves in the sands of time.. age has had it’s way with us.. Dreams broken… strength faded… drive extinguished… and the last bit of energy remaining, only enough to try and direct our younger generation away from the black hole..

So here we are in the forever ending cycle of doom… What are you going to do about it? When is now the time to break the cycle? When do we take a stand against the constant demotivation that happens around us. When do we direct the sails? Load the missiles of willpower and launch them towards destiny?

The answer lies within you.

It is easy to fail. It is easy to listen to the media, follow the trends… What’s not easy is to take control..

We occasionally get a glimpse of greatness, the Olympics, YouTube, movies…. The human mind and body is capable of things beyond anything we can imagine.

“That’s true…. but I can’t do that…. I can’t do aerobics while suspended from an airplane.. Or I can’t glide through the air with nothing but a pair of skies beneath me…. I can’t…………”

“If you say you can, or you can’t,  either way you are right” Henry Ford.

“K…. So maybe I can…. I know what I want to accomplish, but it seems so far away…. How do I get to that version of me on the timeline?”

Work at it! Every Single Day! Little by Little! Inch by Inch!

“You don’t pay the price for success- you pay the price for failure. You enjoy the benefits of success.”- Zig Ziglar

The Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of this world didn’t get there overnight, before the world even knew they existed, they worked tirelessly towards their goal. Look how many lives they have enriched in the last decade..

So Quick tips on how to take your life off Fast Forward and get the most out of everyday.

1. Press the Pause button!

Set an alarm, or put a post it note somewhere you will see, take the time to stop what you are doing at different times throughout the day, disengage autopilot and think!

Am I on track? What else could I be doing to work towards my goal at this moment?  How many things on my daily task list have I accomplished?

Take time to refocus on what you want out of that day, then get back at it. We at times lose ourselves, so set up signs to remember where you are and where you want to go.

2.Speaking of that Daily Task List, do you have one? If not make one!

What do you want to get out of today? What specifically are you going to accomplish that will get you one inch closer to your goal?

Make of list of these things and commit to sticking to them, and soon you will be getting months of work out of your short weeks!

3. Before going to sleep, Reflect on your day. Was there anything I could have done differently? Where is my time going to be best spent tomorrow?

Slow down the speeding days and pinpoint where you are, and where you want to be tomorrow.

4. Find a few Accountability Partners.

Sometimes you need a fresh perspective on your daily activities, or just the need to share struggles, or some additional motivating energy.

No matter how strong you are, you can’t make it alone. Have someone to help push you when you need it, and listen when you want a friendly voice. This isn’t always the easiest thing to find, but accountability partners will allow you to excel that much quicker! (I could use a few myself! lol)

5. Focus!

If you read my post previous post Relationships:The Secret formula you would have already seen this line.

Focus on the good things and the negative ones will seamlessly fall away.

Or the Perception is Reality peace from Bam! Life Happened!

What ever it is we highlight throughout our day is what is going to stand out and grow.

Focus on the wins not the losses. We can find 1 million reasons why we can’t be successful, But all it takes is one good reason for success and the willpower and guts to do it.

Focusing on the wins will give us those small victories we need daily, to keep us moving forward!

A few moments from now we will be looking back on 2014 and all the amazing things that will happen. Let your story be one of those things! Slow down the days, inch towards your goals, remember to remember, and by years end your victory will overshadow all of society’s failures!

Till next time friends.

Andre Taylor

~Born for Greatness! Live to become Legendary!~


Welcome, lets begin this journey together.

Hello World,

It’s been a beautiful weekend here in Northern Virginia.

To start, I want to ask that every one reading, to please provide me which as much feedback as possible.  As I enter the world of blogging, I would love to find like-minded people who are readers or bloggers themselves.

I know by sharing thoughts and ideas we can all grow, and intern enrich each others lives.

My first thought is on the subject of Goals.

Achieving one’s goals can sometimes be the greatest challenge to us. If you have ever wanted to do something, something great, something awesome, something memorable, something that will create your legacy, make the money you want to make, obtain the position you want have, meet the person you want to copilot the  adventure of life with, anything it may be, I’m here to tell you, you can! but it will not be easy, and sometimes you will not enjoy it…

Not to worry! you are not alone in this journey, and together we will make it to that place, you know the one you occasionally glimpse when we close our eyes and let the mind wonder. Yes, that place!

My primary goals today are as follows, travel the world, meet my wife, and finish writing my movie&book trilogy. We can probably agree that none of these are easy tasks!  And all at high cost, especially the wife part! just kidding ladies 🙂 not really men 😉 )

Any goal worth achieving is going to cost you a few things : time (lots of time),money, sweat, and even tears. However, any goal worth achieving will also bring you indescribably joy.

The main problem we face today  with our goals, is the lack there of.

In the audio book “Goals” Zig Ziglar said something that stood out to me, it went something like this.

“It is really difficult to hit a target you can’t see, and impossible to hit one that doesn’t exist!”

As I close my eyes, and think of myself at the shooting range with a rifle in my hand, it begins to sink in.

Over the next few weeks let’s explore this together, let’s decide on the importance of goals, learn how to create signficant and realistic ones, learn how to overcome adversity on our path to reach them, and together lets take one step closer to where we want to be.

Until next time friends, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, and have an awesome Monday!

Andre Taylor

~Born for Greatness, Live to become Legendary!~