Goals:Breaking the barriers

Perception : The Architect of our Reality.

Growing up I thought I was invulnerable, as a kid I refused to lose a fight. With a distant father and a household of women, I turned to the movies for masculine guidance. Bruce Lee was my mentor, and with his moves I became a Titan. That mentality carried over into my teens, and I quickly rose through the ranks at work. Always looking to learn and always striving for greatness, I became one of the youngest supervisors in the first company I worked with. It wasn’t until 2008 that my will was put to the test. It was then I discovered what it was like to lose control. Was it was like to fail.

It all started when the company canceled one of the projects I was helping to lead. Long story short, my position no longer existed, and until they had another opening, I had to go back to the position in which I was promoted from. In a call center environment that meant back to the phones.. To add salt to he wound, all my piers still saw me as the go to person for the tough questions. So now I was doing both jobs, while also being constantly questioned as to why I’m no longer a team leader. This got frustrating quickly, and with no definite expectation of re-promotion, I began looking elsewhere. It was then I made one of the most costly decisions of my life.

With promise of 6 figure incomes, and thriving residual business, I went into sales, but not just sales, Insurance sales! Whilst the economy was on a downward spiral! I know, I know, not the smartest move, But I was young, ignorant, and was desperate to get back to the top of my game.

A few months went by, and the whole office praised my work ethic, I singlehandedly out dialed entire teams, and my energy was that of a knight in shiny armor. They presented the Coolaid, and I chugged it. Ignoring all doubts, and logic, I continually banged my head against the wall, invested more and more time and money, and received less and less in return. At the same time my life, relationships, and savings collapsed around me. The shovel was in my hand, and I was motivated to dig! What I didn’t realize, was that the more I dug, was the more I buried myself. And the gold I was digging for, was much deeper than I had anticipated.

Somewhere within the chaos I found something. A small ray of light glistening into the darkness. I can’t remember how it started, but I remember somewhere along the journey I watched the secret, and a few movies along that line, and it started to become clear. The law of attraction, perception is reality, you attract what you primarily think about, what ever phrase you tie to it. I started to realize that I was the person in control, and that I had allowed myself to slip into a victim mentality, cursing myself, and increasing my pain.

Once I decided to regain control, and change my perception of everything around me, I started to put the pieces back together. Anyone that have ever tried to reassemble an eggshell can tell you that, it is no easy task, not nearly as easy as breaking it. I decided I wasn’t going to let the outside world control how I felt, and acted on the inside. And so the road to recovery began. It took years to climb out of the financial debt I had put myself in, but it only took a few months to changed my mentality.

As I began to change I noticed my environment started to transform around me. Some things no longer interested me, and the desire for a fresh start was strong. It was then my new life and adventure began. An adventure I have been on now for 6 years, and an adventure that will continue for the test of my life. An adventure that has already taken me across 5 states, and 3 companies. The quest for knowledge, aiming to constantly surround myself with people I can learn from, and the desire to help the world to open their eyes and minds. I’ve always had a strong will, but it’s wisdom, and the application of knowledge, is what makes me powerful. And with the proper application of knowledge, comes numerous opportunities to continue to learn and grow.

Growth, not always an easy thing to do though. The forces of familiarity, and the influence of other people unwilling to change their own lives, continually pulls us off course.

It is a lonely path at times, and until we find the person that will partner with us to traverse these peaks, we will be constantly faced with distractions and tough decisions.

Here are a few things to help you along the journey of understanding “your” world, taking control of it, and changing the perception of everything around you. To preference I recomend glancing at the perception is reality bit from “Bam life Happened!” It’s a good ¬†explanation of how perception works.
Now on to the takeaways.

#1. You are the master of your world.
We hear this all the time but what does it really mean? Well your world doesn’t spin unless you are moving. Don’t believe me? try sitting down and do absolutely nothing. Whilst “the world” will continue on without you, “your world” will be still alongside you. Before you look at the world around you, look at the person shaping the world around you. That person is you, if you decide it’s going to be a crappy day in your world, no one can change that. Same thing goes for the latter. When you realize that no one else has control of how you see, and experience the world, you will become empowered to be its master. You are the master of your world. And don’t ever forget that!

#2.Decide who lives in your world.
Too often we let other people break down the walls of our happiness, and leave their garbage on our hearts floor. One thing I’ve learned over the years, if I don’t want someone ruining my day, then I better not give them the opportunity to! Some people won’t change no matter how much you want them to. I know sometimes you think you love them, and they are a good person. Question is, are you willing to put your world on the line so they can have temporary satisfaction or pleasure? Distancing yourself from someone isn’t always easy, but if they are chronically negative or hurtful, it is highly encouraged! I know it’s hard, especially when the nights are lonely, and they are so beautiful, but if you think to yourself, “god I need to stop hanging out with this person” then you need to make the tough decision and do it!

On the flip side of that coin, you can open up more of your world to positive, and encouraging people. Aim to meet and get to know as many positive people as you can. There is a specific science that proves that your closest 5 friends are a reflection of who you are. I’m personally on a quest to develop the relationship I have with the positive people around me. Whether it’s through accountability partnerships, mentorship, or just like minded fiends doing things they enjoy, surrounding yourself with positive people will undoubtedly enrich your life and theirs.

#3. Decide what goes on in your world.
The toughest damn thing on this planet to have, is self discipline. When we are hungry we want to eat, when we are thirsty we want to drink, when we are horny.. well you get the picture. Chances are the things that will undoubtedly make us successful will undoubtedly be something that’s hard, and something we won’t “feel” like doing. Well you guessed it, the things that successful people do, is the same thing they don’t always feel like doing either, but they do it anyway!

For example, waking up and working out in the mornings. Going home when everyone else is going to the bar, reading a book while everyone else is out partying, taking accountability for your actions, apologizing for your mistakes, etc etc etc.

Growing is painful, we don’t like pain, it hurts! But we need to push onward. Until we become self disciplined, we will never be successful. Here is a quick challenge for ya, the thing you like to do, stop doing it for a month. (Unless it’s bathing, please don’t stop bathing!) In my case I stopped going to the bar and drinking those tasty White Russians, or those intoxicating long islands. Do I miss it every now and then, sometimes. Being around social buddies, acting silly, temporarily escaping our troubles. Here are something’s I don’t miss however, empty wallet, feeling like crap the next day, no money for vacations, because I spent it all at the bar.. Yeah don’t miss those.

When it comes down to it, nothing goes down in our world unless we allow it to, sometimes we just have to learn to say no. It’s tough to break away from the group and do your own thing, but your world doesn’t orbit them, it orbits you. Spend time with the people who will invest into your future, people who love you, not just the people that will invest into buying you 1 drink. Do things that will position you for success, aim to have a healthy body, an educated mind, and a disciplined lifestyle.

#4: Decide how your world is affected by things that go on in “the world”
Things out of your control are going to happen. Don’t let them change your world, don’t let them change the way you think, act, or perceive them. For every action, their is an opposite and equal reaction. Within every strife, lies the seeds of an equal future victory. It’s not always what happens to us, it is who we become whilst overcoming it.

I’ve become a much different person from who I was 10 years ago, heck I’m much different from who I was 10 months ago. Life is a journey, we must learn to look for the lessons in the oppositions. And when we think back, think of what we have learned. Do not dwell on the pain, it can consume you, and break your will to move on. The fact that you are reading this means this is not for you, you are a fighter, the king of your world, and the universe will open up endless opportunities for your world to grow and influence many others.

5.Continue to grow your world.
Be the amazing person you are engineered to be. As you grow and learn, your reach will expand, your quest will attract countless co adventures. Be the example for the world to see, and your world will transform around you. You will be intoxicated by the joys of life, you will do things you have never even dreamt of doing, meet people you’ve only seen on tv. Go places you’ve only seen in the movies. And have the life that everyone wishes to have. Remember you are more valuable to “the world” the more you know, and more successful habits you form. Learn to release fear, continue to read blog post like these, and books of influence, become the best version of you possible. If you have already found your co star, you let them know daily what they mean to you, if you already have kids, you let them know how much you care about them every time you see them. Let your family know how much you miss them, let your friends know how much you love being in their presence. Become the light the world needs, and you will undoubtedly attract the light of others and the light of the world.

Until next time friends.
Andre (4D) Taylor
~Born for Greatness, Live to become Legendary!~